Annemarie Piscaer

Studio Dust is founded by Annemarie Piscaer  (NL).  She is a designer, researcher, and lecturer design. I’m an expert, I’m an amateur and have a love for dust.

She completed the Design Academy Eindhoven and Master Education in Arts at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. Her design-activist practice concentrates on research through materials, with a love for dust.

Currently she teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Avans University of Applied Sciences, Art faculty St. Joost- (New Design and Attitudes). And she is a researcher at CARADT (Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology), in the Biobased Art and Design research group, with the research ‘The Garden as a Living Learning Lab, a Living Sensor. The Garden that Sees, Smells, and Hears’.

Over the years she has been a guest lecturer at various (art) institutions, like Willem the Kooning Academy. And was external advisor for for instance Creative Industries Fund NL. She was a member of the Rotterdam based City Lab ‘Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit’.

In the last few years she developed participatory design projects with Studio Dust by using material research as a communicative instrument to connect unusual domains and disciplines.

Together with Iris de Kievith she initiated Lab AIR, a design collective for aerial issues. On of their first project was Smogware, a tableware colored with air pollution. With this project they aim to materialize the invisible air pollution, with a participatory approach. The project has been utilized in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Wijk aan Zee, Berlin, Kiel, Beijing, Changsha, Jakarta, Bruges, Milano, London a.o.

Recently the design proposal ‘FROM HERE’ was selected by the Design Challenge ‘Our Energy, Our Landscape’ of the Landscape Triennial 2021 with Iris de Kievith, Joost van Dijk and Marieke de Keijzer. FROM HERE aims to materialize nitrogen emissions by transportation and farming and it’s impact on the heath landscape in a participatory approach.

This (educational) practice with its transcending boundaries between roles and disciplines was ground for the research (MA Piet Zwart Institute) about these hybrid learning environments and the consequences of this for design education. It resulted in workshop GO TO THE MOON AND BACK and the publication ‘As a designer I’m an expert I’m an amateur’ (2017). And a follow up published long paper with Dr. Anne Nigten ‘Colliding systems: formal and real-life learning‘ (2019). These ignited the growing fascination / love for amateurs …