“Humans are atmospheric beings, particles, dust, in intimate cycles of exchange, actors with an incredible force. We need to become attuned actors with a deeper understanding of all the other particles.”

We are living on a small fragile dot, our earth. Resources on our earth are not endlessly available in the speed we are using it now. Climate change seems inevitable. The studio has a focus on design research through materials, mapping, as a way of revealing the narratives, a visual plea to a cleaner future.

Studio Dust often uses dust literally as a material resource for designs. Dust is also a metaphor, “from dust to dust”, these small particles also remind us of our fragility, however these particles all together can be at the same time very powerful. One particle can’t make a huge impact, however a huge dust cloud can! In order to change something, we need to cooperate.

Studio Dust is based on these two pillars: research through material with cooperation as its base.

Pale Blue Dot, image taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft, on on February 14, 1990