“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve
been ignorant of their value.” Buckminster Fuller 

Annemarie is a designer, researcher, and lecturer product design. She is fascinated with the (industrial)
waste dust, and up-cycling material. She initiated Studio Dust.  Studio Dust is a design studio based in
Rotterdam. The studio has as a main focus to up-cycle industrial waste materials into products by using
craftsmanship. It has a love for the materials textile and ceramic.

Not only does she see dust as a resource of material (All particles, even the smallest have value), she is
also intrigued by dust as a metaphor for processes. Operating as small particles within a moving dust
cloud makes thing happen. One particle can create a big change when it is part of a huge interconnected
cooperative cloud.

Dust can show other invisible forces even though of its own intangible nature. It shows rays of light, and
currents in the wind and water. Dust reminds of the importance of these natural resources.

From dust to dust. All is created out of dust and will return to dust. We as humans are created out of the
same particles as all the others elements. But ‘we’ have a destructive influence on the same elements we
consist of.  We are thus not only destroying the earth, but in essence ourselves.

As she states : ‘I’m dust’.