FROM HERE is the design proposal, a soundproof and emission reducing landscape next to the highway A67 and its near heath ‘Strabrechtse heide’ for the Landscape Triennial 2021 by Kunstloc Brabant.

The design proposal is developed with Marieke de Keijzer-landscape architect, Joost van Dijk-architect and Iris de Kievith-architect.

FROM HERE aims to materialize emissions by transport and farming and it’s impact on the heath landscape by a participatory approach. It is a designed sculptural landscape of walls, water and windmills that connects two colliding worlds, simultaneously protects them from each other and makes them visible. They are walls of local harvest released from heather management. FROM HERE plays with the age-old system of diminishing and enriching that belongs to this cultural landscape. Depending on our collective behavior, FROM HERE grows, because more nitrogen emissions mean more intensive management, more local harvest and thus a larger sculpture.

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