Reflecting on my own changing design practice (I’m initiating research through design projects and I’m a member of the City Lab ‘Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit‘) made me aware of the important contribution of designers towards current complex ecological issue’s.  I think that unconventional knowledge in co-operations (transdisciplinary settings) is needed in order to be able to deal with current complex issue’s. We need to radically re-think current situations, this requires including ‘others’ within a design process as well. To deal with future ecological problems designers need to be educated for these changing practices. This was the starting point for my research at the Master Education in Arts at the Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam. In June 2017 I graduated with a research that resulted in the thesis ‘As a Designer, I’m an Expert, I’m an Amateur: Operating on the Fluid Boundaries of the Design Profession’ and the educational project ‘GO TO THE MOON AND BACK’.