Thoughts, concepts and ideas can be transmitted through material.

‘intellectual beings, intelligence directs individuals alone; their union is subject to the laws of matter … immaterial minds cannot be linked together except by making them submit to the laws of matter.’ (Rancière, 1991, The Ignorant Schoolmaster Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation)

WHY: I’m a lecturer product design (BA) and give workshops and lectures. I enjoy the cross pollination of ideas that happen between people. Small particles of ‘pixie dust’ (magic dust) are shared and create new idea’s and notions. Not only do I enjoy teaching but I consider it important to contribute even in the smallest way; as future generation designers need to be skilled  designing with an ecological mind-set.

HOW: I’ve been a guest teacher at Artemis  and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam for example. I loved to give workshops at the Summer School of the “ltRanch” in Lithuania, Master Eco and Social Design at UNIBIZ Bolzano, University of the Arts Utrecht, the symposium ‘Agents in the Anthropoce’ and Design Academy Eindhoven.