Even dust is a material.

‘Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.” (Buckminster Fuller)

WHY: Studio Dust is a design studio based in Rotterdam. The studio has as a main focus to up-cycle industrial waste into material-products. The studio operates within the circular economy. Everything will turn into dust, and is created from dust; from dust to dust.  I’m interested in designing the material rather then the end-product, and I have a fascination for the industrial waste: dust. Dust is the consequence of making. Dust seems like worthless material, however the industry produces lots of it, so even dust can be a valuable material. Now all this material is burned as waste and is polluting as fine dust our air. Clean air benefits all. Studio Dust wants to contribute to clean air by upcycling waste materials; by ironically also using the industrial waste: dust as material.

HOW:The material is always the starting point in the design process. It results in material design, material research or attempts to reveal new qualities in the material by creating a new narrative around the material.  This worthless material can be up-cycled by the use of craftsmanship. The value of crafts is that it can shape material rough and independently, and in contrast to the industry does not need uniform material. An essential part of the process is co-operation.