Leather strew collection

“Leather Strew Collection” is a series of rugs. These rugs are hand-made from industrial left-over material from a furniture company. The rug consists of small leather pieces that are left-over from the production of furniture. The leather is revalued by the use of craftsmanship. The value of crafts is that it can shape material rough and independently. The small leather pieces are cut into straps, and knotted together. By hand-knitting the leather straps are crafted into a rug. The rug has a rough appearance by the chosen variety of textures and colors available in the left-over material.

“Leather Strew Collection” is for sale and available in several sizes and colors. Sizes are S (1,5m/2m), M (1,8m/2,5m) and L(2m/3m). The rugs are available in 4 different colors. Golden Sand, Silver Stone, Ocean Blue, Black Earth. Prices on request. annemarie@studiodust.nl

Photography Location: Attached Building Meerlo designed by Thijs Ewalts, Annemarie Piscaer