I’m currently co-operating with architect Iris de Kievith on the project serVies. The air quality in Rotterdam is not good for our health. We as citizens of Rotterdam can be part of a solution by changing our daily habits; but how to change your habits for something that you cannot see? The project aims to visualize and materialize the invisible particulate matter from traffic pollution.

We will use the dust as a material for glazing and coloring a ceramic tableware. The particulate matter on the tableware is the same as we breathe day in and out. It is simultaneously attractive and repellent. We will harvest the dust with locals and organize dinners to eat from the seemingly ‘dirty’ tableware in order to start a discussion about the consequences of particulate matter for our health and how we can improve the air quality if we join forces. This trans disciplinary approach is needed in order to tackle the complex topic ‘air quality’. The project serVies triggers imagination and allows a dialogue and cross-pollination of knowledge between experts and non-experts.

We are supported by Citylab010, Stichting Volkskracht
And work together with: Gemeente Rotterdam,  SundayMorning@ekwc, RIVM, stadslab Luchtkwaliteit and Milieudefensie.

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